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ZOO Ronnie Stevens

Freelance webdeveloper, Plone expert, and Python developer also working with Django and Wagtail. While focusing on usability, the user-experience is leading in the projects I run.


I am a Plone-specialist, working with Plone more than 10 years. I have build dozens websites with Plone, from small to midsized, and cooperated on major Plone-sites. I have a lot expertise in running, maintaining and supporting existing Plone websites.

Powerful and extremely user-friendly.

Plone has a track-record as a very secure, powerful and user-friendly platform to develop websites and intranets, both for small companies as major organisations. There are dozens of governmental and non-profit organisations that are using Plone.


I work together with my clients to come to an optimal solution. Professional, transparent and informal is what best describes my way of working and cooperating.

Responsive design

A website in 2016 needs to be responsive. I work with Bootstrap, JQuery, Less and Sass to make sure the user-experience is optimized on every device.


Major projects often lack good communication. The gap between technical developers and communication-departments often lead to failures that easily can be avoided. I am able to talk to both developers and communication officers, creating a mutual understanding of the business needs and translating these to solutions that can technically be realised.


This is a selection of recent projects
Verloskundingenpraktijk Velp
Verloskundingenpraktijk Velp

Informative website of a midwifery bureau.

Het Lab grafisch ontwerpers BNO
Het Lab graphic designers BNO

Visual portfolio for a local design agency.

Kennis & Kunde

Kennis & Kunde Kwaliteitsregister, a register of specialized practitioners searchable by postal code.

Stad & Straat

Urban and economical development. Creative en realistic development stategies.


Bales of recovered paper waiting to be recycled. But what is the composition and volume of these streams?

Aikido Stichting Arnhem
Aikido Stichting Arnhem

Japanese martial-art school for children and adults from 6 to 99 years of age.

Knowledge Centre for Paper and Cardboard

Two Plone websites wit one identity.


Aranyani is a knowledge centre for forests, nature and religion, spirituality, sense-making and dialogue.



For SOMO, Center for Research on Multination Cooperations I maintain and develop all their plone-website:

Since two years I am maintaining these websites, that have been developed almost 8 years ago. Part of the project was to split the websites and move them to another hosting provider. A deep knowledge and expertise of the Plone ecosystem is necessary to further develop and support these sites.

I also worked for:


Studio ZOO

Saksen-Coburg 166822 NN Arnhem + ronnie@zoo.nl