A new webshop

You need a new webshop. But you have no idea where to start. Build it yourself? Find a professional? But who?

Look no further!

A webshop is a fairly complex piece of software. There are products, product-variations with different prices, shipping costs per product / location. Digital products, stock management, order handling, payment providers…

WooCommerce is the leading Open Source webshop add-on to WordPress. It has all these features out of the box.

But is has to look attractive, be responsive so it works on all devices, from smartphone to desktop. It must be configured to suit your business. It must be secured against hackers, and safe for visitors through an SSL-certificate. Because it is your shop after all!

I help you get your professional webshop up and running.

Start selling now

So? What are you actually saying Ronnie?

Well, I can help you. I have the expertise to setup WooCommerce webshops, from small webshops with just 5 products, up to shops with hundreds or even thousands of products.

And the design can be an existing theme, or fully custom build.

Ronnie has built several websites for me. As a designer I am often confronted with aesthetic limitations in working with web developers. But Ronnie always finds a way. When asking for a change, his response is always quick. Besides this he is a beautiful person, with whom you can have surprising conversations 🙂

Suseela Gorter

Owner Webshop FlatFlowers.nl

I make sure your webshop is secure and save and always up-to-date. With up to 60 days of backups, just to be sure. And you can ask me anything, you will get a quick answer.

Can you tell me more about the process of building a webshop?

We start with an inquiry, no costs charged.

  • we discuss the needs and wants
  • we have a look at the current state:
    • are you just starting-out or do you already have a shop that needs to be upgraded?
    • do you already have product photos?
    • what are you going to sell?
    • to whom? in what area? Your country? Worldwide?
    • do you have a vision on the design?
  • after this inquiry I will give you a quote within one working day, in clear human readable language. With standard Terms & Conditions based on the Dutch trade association.
  • and if you even want to stop our cooperation, I will support you in the transition to your new web developer

If you consent to the quote I will start planning the webshop immediately. I will build the shop on a test server, where you can work on it and test it. Once it is ready, I will release it live on your domain.

Want to know more?

Call or mail me, so we can discuss your wants and needs. If you fill out the form, I will get back to you within a working day.

Need more convincing? Check my examples or read what other customers have to say.