About me, Ronnie Stevens

Are you ready for a professional website? Or a professional webshop? Or are you looking for professional support on your existing website or websites?

I’m your man!

I build on long term relations with you. I develop your website, keep it always up-to-date and secure, and I will answer all your questions.

My services:

  • New: I develop new websites and webshops with WordPress and WooCommerce and keep them up-to-date and secure
  • Existing: I take control of your existing website or webshop, make it secure and will answer all those questions that keep nagging you
  • Consultation: if you are looking for a once only professional help.
  • Unhack: I repair your hacked WordPress website

Why work with me?

There are so many webdesigners and developers out there. Even your niece can build one. Or you can do it yourself.

When I build or take care of your website you know:

  1. your website is secured
  2. you can always ask questions, and get an answer
  3. I have up to 60 days of backups, ready to be restored
  4. free advice on how to work with your WordPress website

My education

  • Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO), medium results (1987)
  • ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem – Artez (1992)
  • Self-taught webdeveloper since 1997, built lots of websites (lost count)

I know how graphic designers think, how developers think and how consumers interact with the web


Since 1997!

I started as an independent web developer in 1997. That is 25 years ago. And I never stopped. I have been using several programming languages like PHP, Python, JavaScript, and know the ins and outs of CSS, HTML, MySQL and Git. I also work with Apache, Nginx, Redis, Django, Wagtail, Linux, Photoshop and so on. The things one does in 25 years.

I used to work from an office, but now I am working minimalistically from home, with 2 laptops and a fast internet connection. No overhead at all.

Here are some of the projects / clients I have worked for. Most are no longer mine.. (only few websites lasted more than a decade)

Private life

In my private life I am a father of two teenage boys, I play the piano and practice and teach aikido. I love to go for a hike in the woods around Arnhem.
Check my aikido website: https://aikidoaanderijn.nl

Want to know more?

Call or mail me, so we can discuss your wants and needs. If you fill out the form, I will get back to you within a working day.

Need more convincing? Check my examples or read what other customers have to say.